Complete Fund Management Platform

New fund managers are typically overwhelmed with understanding and obtaining the licenses required to be able to run their Funds, in an ever-changing regulatory environment with high costs involved in the process – all while the certainty of successful fundraising is limited.

HCM and its partners are fully equipped to provide the regulatory cover required to market and manage funds to new entrants in the fund industry, without the significant investment of time and capital usually required.

The appointment of an entity, known as the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), that has full regulatory responsibility for a Fund has been a common feature in the fund industry – overseeing among other things, the investment strategy, risk management, fund valuations, regulatory reporting and leverage policy of the Fund.

HCM can assist fund managers in selecting which of the functions they would prefer to perform internally, outsourcing the rest to HCM in a seamless environment.

Fund Management

Fund Structuring

Fund Administration

Risk Management

Investment Advisory